Life’s consideration

Ever think about your life expectancy? How long you are going to live? For most of you, it just haven’t occur to you that your life span is important but the moments that occurred were. I have come to realize that our health is the way to promote a better lifestyle and that it is the one and only wealth we need to survive this upside down generation. Without a perfectly healthy mind and body, what can you do in the long run? Sure, you can have fun here and there, but what’s to be truly value is the way you spend your life in the most precious ways to make it through the next generations to occur.

Mankind’s goal here on earth is to innovate a way to increase their life span, to exist, to be present further in the future in hoping death from a long way won’t reach us. We are not here to waste our life just because that saying “life is short” or “have no regrets.” We are here to make a miraculous encounter with mankind’s present taking their presence to the far future, so we truly do not have to indecisively think of those pathetic sayings about life, making most of us taking life’s most precious moments for granted.

The key to become wealthy is to be healthy.

“You have the power to do anything if you set your mind on it to be a dedicated person.

Being an over-weighted person was not pleasant at all, trust me. It felt horrible. I wasn’t motivated to do anything at all. I felt exhausted a for the majority of the time  and when I get bored I would eat since it was the easiest way to get entertained. How bad was that? I just wanted to lose weight. But instead of getting a move on to lose weight I just sat there on my couch, day dreaming about weight loss. That  just made me gain more weight day by day. I was depress about my weight. I felt ugly and whatever I wear, it just doesn’t seem to match me. I was really depressed. I was close to giving up on myself, but something in me told me not to. Something in me told me that I could accomplish anything I want if I was just more committed and dedicated . So, after a couple of months or so I made a decision to be committed to losing weight.

Things needed to change but it’s easier said than done. I started out with my bad, lazy habits like eating when I’m bored. So when I’m bored, I go do something productive, such as take a walk around the neighborhood, walk my dog, listen to music and dance. I was more careful of what I eat and how much of it I eat.

As months goes by, I began to see results in myself. I lost some pounds, not a lot but it was enough to be notice. Many noticed the difference of my figure and I was once asked, how did I do it? I told them “I tried living a different lifestyle. It was not easy, but with my own will power, I am here with my new figure.”

With the decent body figure I had, I then one day came across these weigh loss products on my page. I thought it was about pills and intense exercise for a woman like me, but it wasn’t. It was the system that would help me to lose weight effectively. Adding this system on to my new lifestyle, I have seen a major change. I felt bless.

I’ve never felt so beautiful and happy in my life before. This was all thanks to the new lifestyle that I’m living in. I hope that at some point, you guys can realize your lifestyle and realize what needs to change. Even if it seems impossible to lose that weight on you, you have the will power to control your way of getting to your goals. Try living another different lifestyle, it really helps. Things are easily said than done but make a difference and take action! You can do it! Don’t give up on yourself. The worst you could do is give up on yourself. Best of lucks to you everyone from me.

-Pa Lor

2 thoughts on “Life’s consideration

    viter chai said:
    January 6, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    For me healthy is the # 1 principle of being a human I just said(if you love your life to be longer with out sick then….we need to keep our body get healthy avoid junk foods get some help eat good stay healthy )

    Judy said:
    January 7, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Im young and being healthy might not seem that important to me now because of my youth but surely i understand it will affect my future when im older and i dont want that to happen. So Im beginning my journey of healthy life a bit earlier. 🙂

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