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CelebritiesThere are these people called paparazzi. It’s a word that always makes me think of Italian police cars, or small deep-fried desserts. But, no, they’re actually human beings. They can also be thought of as punching bags with zoom lenses.

The paparazzi would prefer to be called photo-journalists, I imagine, but that makes it sound as though they’re covering major elections and summit meetings and tornado damage, and that isn’t what they’re doing at all. Actually, these people chase celebrities – mostly movie stars and famous athletes – for the sole purpose of getting a picture of them doing something irresistibly fascinating, like driving their kids to school or buying a loaf of bread. When they get some really good shots, they can sell them to magazines for thousands of dollars. If they happen to snag a popular actress, either holding her young baby or carousing on a…

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